St Andrew Holborn
Group of Charities

Guidelines and Process – Organisations

Please download the application form, fill it in and return it to:

Anna Paterson,
The Grants Officer
5 St Andrew Street,

or email to
Please telephone Anna Paterson on 020 7583 7394 for the dates of the next Trustees Meetings and the deadlines for submission. An evaluation report will be required for all successful grants and the Grants Officer will also visit the project for assessment purposes.

Guidelines and Restrictions
Organisational Grants Policy for St Andrew Holborn, the Stafford Charity and Bromfield Education Foundation
1. ‘One off’ grants for projects will only be considered. No grant will normally be awarded for 2 or 3 year funding for salaries or posts.
2. The Grants Officer will visit all community groups and schools seeking a grant to gain background information and to discuss aims and objectives of the organisation. All groups would need to submit an end of year report and up to date accounts and a cost plan for the project.
3. No grant will be awarded to an organisation having more than one year’s expenditure in reserve. (This is not applicable to Bromfield Education Foundation)
4. Applications for grants from organisations seeking funding to enhance social cohesion, assimilation and integration of community groups will be considered on merit. The Stafford Trustees are particularly minded to support elderly and vulnerable groups.
5. Grants for holidays and day trips for vulnerable people in the community will be decided on merit, but any application would need to prove that the event is of a therapeutic nature and not entirely for social reasons.
6. Grants for holidays abroad will not normally be considered, though every application will be considered on merit.
7. Cultural and musical events will not be supported unless it can be proved that a particularly deprived group in the community would benefit.
8. No grant will be considered unless submitted on the charity form.