St Andrew Holborn
Group of Charities

Grants for Individuals

The St Andrew Holborn & Stafford Charity and the Bromfield Educational Foundation both give grants to individuals for relief of need.

To qualify for a grant from either of these charities the applicant has to be both:
• living in the designated areas of benefit (please refer to: the map for the St Andrew Holborn & Stafford Charity, the map for the Bromfield Educational Foundation, or check the list of streets)
• on a low income


Household Grants

St Andrew Holborn & Stafford Charity gives grants for household items. Typical grants are for kitchen appliances, essential furniture and clothing.


Educational Grants

Both charities can give educational grants for tools for learning such as books, computers, musical instruments, uniforms and travel money. Grants will not be given for private school fees but may cover private music lessons for talented and gifted children. Applicants must live in the area of benefit (see above) and be under 25.


Annual Awards/ Termly Grants

Annual awards and Termly Grants can be awarded at the discretion of the trustees.

Annual Awards are usually awarded to the long-term sick, disabled or elderly who are on a low income and in the area of benefit.

Termly Grants (school term) can be awarded to families for children in need of additional support.


Please click here to download an application form.

Before completing any of the forms please consult the guidance and process page.