St Andrew Holborn
Group of Charities

Guidelines and Process – Individuals

In order to make an application, please download the appropriate application form, complete it and return it to;
Anna Paterson,
Grants Officer
5 St Andrew Street,

Once we have received your application, you will be visited by our Grants Officer who will discuss your application and then write a report for the Trustees. The application will then be considered by two Trustees of the Charity who will authorise or reject the grant. You will then be contacted by the Grants Officer who will inform you of the outcome.

Most applications take about 21 days.

If you have any questions about which form to download, please contact the Grants Officer, Anna Paterson, on 020 7583 7394 or by email at



  1. Any resident living in our area of benefit may apply for a grant.
  2. All new applicants will be visited by the Grants Officer.
  3. Only applicants living off a low disposable income will be considered ie those on jobseekers allowance, income support, Disability Living Allowance.
  4. Household grants will be bought through one of our purchasing scheme, unless the applicant is known to other agencies ie Housing Support, a Housing Association etc when a cheque can be made out to that organisation.
  5. Only one application will be considered in a twelve month period and only two over three years.
  6. No grant will be given for holidays unless in exceptional circumstances.
  7. Grants for household items for recipients will be considered on merit

1. Applications for annual awards will be considered, with the following being given priority:-
a) The elderly, chronically disabled and long term sick of any age who live in our area of benefit. Evidence of disability is needed before an annual award can be considered.
b)  Young widows or widowers with children.
2. The recipient will lose the annual award if he/she moves into a residential home. Individuals will also lose their annual award if he/she moves outside the area of benefit.
3. An annual award will only be considered if the applicant’s disposable income is low.
4. An applicant’s savings will be taken into consideration when calculating disposable income.


1. Applications will only be considered from people who are under 25 years and who have lived in our area of benefit for 2 years.  All applicants must submit proof that they are a bona fide student on a recognised and accredited course. All applicants will be means tested, which will include parental income and each application will be assessed on merit.
2. Students cannot apply for grants from SAH Charity for more than three academic years.
3. Applications for postgraduate studies will not be considered.
4. Grants for books, travel, general maintenance and course equipment will be paid by cheque and made out in the name of the student.  IT equipment is to be bought is to be bought from Currys PC World using SAH’s established purchase arrangements. A copy of the receipt for all other purchases will be requested. No further grant will be considered without receipts.  No grant will be given for equipment already purchased.