St Andrew Holborn

Listening Service

Our church is open every day to provide people with space and peace in a busy, and sometimes confusing, city. On Tuesday & Thursday (12noon-3pm) of each week (occasionally Mondays and Wednesdays too, depending on the availability of Listeners) we also provide a Listening Service, which is staffed by trained volunteers and provides the opportunity for people to be heard and unburden any problems they may be facing.

In 2014 the Listening Service assisted 99 people from different backgrounds, faiths and nationalities giving them an opportunity to talk about their problems and to take the first steps on their journey in finding a resolution.

The Service is confidential and people find it helpful to talk to someone impartial who is not connected to their immediate circumstances.

Since its inception in 2009 the service has seen a total of 835 people. In 2014, the service referred 31 people to other organizations to continue on their journey to resolution.

If you need someone to talk to urgently, Fr Mark Young may be available by appointment. Please phone the Mission Administrator, Attila, in the first instance (020 7583 7394)


The Listening Service is currently recruiting new members for the Listening team.

This would involve a minimum commitment of one half day a month, 12-3pm, where you sit in Church and are available to listen to anyone who ‘drops in’ and needs to talk.  Being a prayerful presence in the building is also very important even if no one wants to talk during your session.

Health and Safety issues are in place, including the church being monitored on CCTV. You will be invited to the Listening team Supervision/Training meetings.

For more information please contact


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