What we do

We provide grants to individuals and organisations for the relife of need and for education.

There are 3 charities at St Andrew Holborn; all of these originate from 16-18th Century bequest from wealthy members of the congregation.

These charities are:

The St Andrew Holborn Charity

The Stafford Charity

Bromfield Education Foundation

Follow the links below for more information on our charities and how to apply for a grant:



Area of Benefit


St Andrew Holborn Charity operates within the Turquoise bordered area.

St Andrew Holborn Charity is a member of London Funders

Stafford Charity operates only within the lilac bordered area.

Bromfield EducationFoundation operates only within the orange boardered area.


For a list of streets covered please click here.



St Andrew Holborn Charity Registered Charity No: 1095045

Alexander Stafford Charity Registered Charity No: 2306770

Bromfield Educational Foundation Registered Charity No: 312795