What we do

We provide grants to individuals and organisations for the relife of need and for education.

There are 3 charities at St Andrew Holborn; all of these originate from 16-18th Century bequest from wealthy members of the congregation.

These charities are:

The St Andrew Holborn Charity

The Stafford Charity

Bromfield Education Foundation

Follow the links below for more information on our charities and how to apply for a grant:



Area of Benefit


St Andrew Holborn Charity operates within the Turquoise bordered area.

Stafford Charity operates only within the lilac bordered area.

Bromfield EducationFoundation operates only within the orange boardered area.


For a list of streets covered please click here.



St Andrew Holborn Charity Registered Charity No: 1095045

Alexander Stafford Charity Registered Charity No: 2306770

Bromfield Educational Foundation Registered Charity No: 312795